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Australia's bidding for Soccer World Cup 2014

South Australia, NSW and Victoria informally proposed Australia as the host of the 2014 World Cup, despite Fifa's rotation policy provisionally giving the tournament to South America.

Mike Rann

South Australian Premier, Mike Rann, said Australia should bid for the 2014 World Cup on the basis "you to have to bid for the event in one year in order to establish your credentials for the next one". "I would like to see a national bid planning team formed to not only develop a bid but also the infrastructure, facilities and security planning to host the 2014 World Cup, if only to establish our credentials to secure the 2018 finals," he said. While 10 major stadiums would be required to host a tournament involving 32 teams and 64 games over 30 days, Australia already has eight stadiums ready to go in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA and WA."

John Howard

On the 16th June 2006 Australian Prime Minister John Howard said that he supports a proposal for Australia to host the Soccer World Cup 2014. Howard said that the proposal originally put forward by South Australian Premier Mike Rann, has merit as Australia has proven it could handle any major sporting event. "We are very good at it, we proved that in Melbourne in 1956, we proved it in Sydney in 2000, Melbourne again with the Commonwealth Games, and the very successful Rugby World Cup. As a matter of principle I'm certainly in favor of us looking at it, as a nation, it should be done on a national basis," he said.

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