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Chile & Argentina's bidding for Soccer World Cup 2014

Reinaldo Sanchez, Chile’s Professional Football Federation president, emphasised that the whole South American block is behind Brazil in its bid for 2014, but admitted that Mr. Blatter’s suggestion that Chile and Argentina put in a joint bid “must be accepted as a good idea”.

In an interview Mr. Sanchez said that Blatter’s suggestion “is most welcome, but 2014 belongs to Brazil; in any case we could think about the proposal further ahead”. “One must be reasonable; stadiums in Chile are in no way near those in Europe or Asia. Given the number of countries participating in the Cup it’s a good idea. Argentina has good stadiums and has already organized a World Cup in 1978, but I insist for Chile the main problem in our sports infrastructure”. Maybe further in the future, after 2014, “when South America’s turn again comes up”.


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Chile & Argentina's bidding for Soccer World Cup 2014