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Soccer World Cup 2014

The venue for the Soccer World Cup 2014 was decided at the FIFA Congress in 2008. The World Cup returns to Brazil for the first time since 1950. It was last in South America in 1978 when Argentina hosted.

At this stage, Brazil is the clear favorite for the 2014 World Cup. It's historical supremacy combined with the fantastic record that World Cup hosts tend to have means the Selecao are almost an unbackable favorite as far as online betting goes. It is going to be very difficult, particularly for the European sides to adjust to the conditions.

There were numerous question marks regarding the logistical suitability of Brazil to host the world's biggest event. It is still up to Brazil to prove that it can handle it and these doubts won't be assauged until the full-time whistle blows on the final.

"The bar has been set very high after the last World Cup (in Germany) and if the only candidate from South America were not to fulfil the requirements then we would go beyond South America." Sepp Blatter, 6 Decmber 2006


In 2003 FIFA announced that the World Cup would be held in South America, under its new rotation system (which begins in South Africa in 2010). The last time the World Cup was hosted in South America was in Argentina in 1978.

Brazil was the only country on the continent which said it wanted to hold the event. In 2003, the football federations of the other nine South America countries voted at a meeting in Asuncion to back Brazil as its only candidate. However, doubts started creeping in in September 2006, with Brazil's president admitting that the country didn't have the stadiums to host the event.


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